What is fleece?

Fleece clothing is made from a manmade synthetic fibre (not to be confused with the woolly coat of a sheep or goat!). Most fleece is made from 100% polyester.

Fleece clothing includes fleece pants and fleece gilets but more commonly refers to fleece jackets and tops. Fleece is the ideal material for a mid-layer as it is made from long lasting synthetic fibres that are able to trap air and keep you warm. Fleece tops are generally manufactured with different weights and varied technical features to suit different purposes.

Types of Fleece


Thin and lightweight microfleeces are a great mid-layer but are also ideal outerwear in milder weather.  A microfleece will provide a low level of insulation whilst the breathable properties make them perfect for active pursuits.

Outdoor Fleece

The most versatile and common fleece type, an outdoor fleece is ideal for every-day wear and for many different activities.

Outdoor fleeces have a higher level of insulation, comfort and breathability than microfleeces.

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